Young People and Sexual Exploitation: Resource Pack

Developed by Leicestershire City Council, the Young People and Sexual Exploitation: Resource Pack arms practitioners with skills needed to support Young People understand and deal with the risk of Child Sexual Exploitation.



Aminah – My Story

Session 1 – Self-esteem, body image, who is at risk of sexual exploitation?

Session 2 – Myths, reality and statistics, consent and male/female exploitation.
Session 3 – Consent and healthy relationships
Session 4 – Staying safe and minimising risks
Session 5 – Unhealthy/exploitative relationships – the tell-tale signs
Session 6 – Stereotypes and media stories of Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE)
Session 7 – Sexual health and safe sex
Session 8 – A good night out/A safe night out game
Session 9 – Grooming, social network and befriending
Session 10 – Case studies, ‘my dangerous loverboy’ DVD, CSE quiz and information Useful agencies and contacts

Useful agencies and contacts.


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