You Are Not On Your Own: A Booklet To Help Children & Adults Talk About Drinking

Published by The Children's Society.


What is this booklet about? Lots of adults drink alcohol, but in some families the adult’s drinking can make things difficult at home and can cause problems and worries.If this is happening it can make you worry about all sorts of things and can affect different areas of your life, like school, home, friends or money. This booklet is to help you and an adult who you trust to talk together about what is happening in your life. It is written for children, but at the end of each section is a part written for adults.This booklet is for children who live in all sorts of families. You might live with your parents, grandparents, aunts or uncles. You might be in care or one of your parents might be in prison. If you are worried about a parent or carer drinking too much then this booklet is for you. ‘Drinking too much’ means the adult drinks in a way that hurts them or you and your family. We’ve spoken with children who have parents or carers who drink too much and this is what they said would help.




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