When Can We Go Home? An Activity Book For Kids Who've Had To Leave Their Homes

When Can We Go Home? An activity book for kids who've had to leave their homes.


Developed to support displaced children, this resource supports children to better understand and cope with being away from their home. Supports the development of emotional intelligence and resillience at times of difficulty.


Includes 13 activities to help make children more resilient in any difficult situation.



To the Grown-Ups Using This Book
To the Kids Using This Book
Activity 1: Special Things You Left Behind
Activity 2: Being Yourself
Activity 3: Feeling Safe
Activity 4: It’s Okay to Wish and Dream
Activity 5: Imagining Your Bedroom
Activity 6: Having a Schedule
Activity 7: Learning to Solve Your Problems
Activity 8: Focusing on Good Things That Happen
Activity 9: Meeting New People
Activity 10: Making a New Plan
Activity 11: Finding People to Help You
Activity 12: Learning to Calm Yourself
Activity 13: Having Fun




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