Short Breaks - How Your Family Can Benefit

Short Breaks - How Your Family Can Benefit

Many families with disabled children and/or health conditions benefit from regular breaks from their caring responsibilities.


Taking a break from caring for your child is not an admission of failure or a way of saying you don’t care. A break is an opportunity to recharge batteries, spend time with others or pursue a particular interest. A break may also allow your child to have a change of scene, try different experiences, have fun and make friends. This may contribute to your child’s personal and social development and reduce social isolation. It can also be helpful to get your child used to spending time in different settings and with other people as they grow up, in the event you need to leave them with someone in the future.


Local authorities have legal duties to provide breaks for carers and disabled children, called ‘short breaks’ and make it clear how families with disabled children can access these.




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