Mental Health of Children and Young People in England 2017

Mental Health of Children and Young People in England 2017

This survey series provides England’s best source of data on trends in child mental health. Major surveys of the mental health of children and young people in England were carried out in 1999, 2004,and 2017. While many surveys use brief tools to screen for nonspecific psychiatric distress or dissatisfaction, this series applied rigorous, detailed and consistent methods to assess for a range of different types of disorder according to International Classification of Disease (ICD-10) diagnostic criteria (WHO 1992). All cases were reviewed by clinically-trained raters.


The latest survey was funded by the Department of Health and Social Care and commissioned by NHS Digital. The survey was carried out by:The 2017 survey collected information about mental health and wellbeing from a stratified probability sample of children and young people living in England and registered with a GP. Information was collected on 9,117 children aged 2 to 19 between January and October 2017. The survey combines reports from children, their parents and teachers (depending on the age of the selected child).


This survey for the first time provides findings on the prevalence of mental disorder in 2 to 4 year olds, and spans the transition into adulthood by covering 17 to 19 year olds. Unless specified otherwise, ‘children’ is generally used here to refer to 5 to 19 year olds and ‘young people' refers to those aged 11-19.




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