Mental Health Act 1983: Code of Practice

Mental Health Act 1983: Code of Practice

Code of Practice for the Mental Health Act 1983 (England & Wales).


Published by the Department of Health this excellent resource supports Mental Health practitioners navigate their roles and responsibilities in line with legislation.


Using the Act

Chapter 1 Guiding principles

Chapter 2 Mental disorder definition

Chapter 3 Human rights, equality and health inequalities Protecting patients’ rights and autonomy

Chapter 4 Information for patients, nearest relatives, carers and others

Chapter 5 The nearest relative

Chapter 6 Independent mental health advocates

Chapter 7 Attorneys and deputies

Chapter 8 Privacy, dignity and safety

Chapter 9 Wishes expressed in advance

Chapter 10Confidentiality and information sharing

Chapter 11 Visiting patients in hospital

Chapter 12 The Tribunal Assessment, transport and admission to hospital

Chapter 13 Mental capacity and deprivation of liberty

Chapter 14 Applications for detention in hospital

Chapter 15 Emergency applications for detention

Chapter 16 Police powers and places of safety

Chapter 17 Transport of patients

Chapter 18 Holding powers Additional considerations for specific patients

Chapter 19 Children and young people under the age of 18

Chapter 20 People with learning disabilities or autistic spectrum disorders

Chapter 21 People with personality disorders

Chapter 22 Patients concerned with criminal

Chapter 23 The appropriate medical treatment test

Chapter 24 Medical treatment

Chapter 25 Treatments subject to special rules and procedures

Chapter 26 Safe and therapeutic responses to behavioural disturbance Leaving hospital

Chapter 27 Leave of absence

Chapter 28 Absence without leave

Chapter 29 Community treatment orders

Chapter 30 Guardianship

Chapter 31 Guardianship, leave of absence or CTO?

Chapter 32 Detention and CTO: renewal, extension and discharge

Chapter 33 After-care

Chapter 34 Care programme approach Professional responsibilities

Chapter 35 Receipt and scrutiny of documents

Chapter 36 Allocating or changing a responsible clinician

Chapter 37 Functions of hospital managers

Chapter 38 Hospital managers’ discharge power

Chapter 39 Conflicts of interest

Chapter 40 Information for victims





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