Key Lines Of Enquire (KLOE): Prompts and Ratings Characteristics.

Key Lines Of Enquire (KLOE): Prompts and Ratings Characteristics.

Key lines of enquiry, prompts and ratings characteristics for adult social care services. Published by the Care Quality Commission.


CQC’s inspection teams will use this updated framework to assess adult social care services, using the key lines of enquiry (KLOEs) and prompts where they are appropriate. This replaces the previous separate versions for different types of service, published in 2015, which duplicated many of the KLOEs and prompts.


We have designed this to simplify the process for organisations that provide more than one type of service. The changes to KLOEs and prompts are the result of feedback following our Next Phase consultation. We have merged the two previous versions for residential and community care, added new content to strengthen specific areas and reflect current practice, and made some changes to the wording to improve and simplify the language to aid understanding.


We have also aligned, as much as possible, the wording of KLOEs and prompts between the two assessment frameworks for healthcare services and adult social care services.To help you update your own internal assessments.




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