Growing Up, Sex And Relationships

Growing Up, Sex And Relationships

All young people, including disabled young people, will tick at least one box on the list. Some will really enjoy going to the cinema, others will find it really boring. Some will detest the idea of sitting through another geography lesson, others will look forward to it.Young people have likes, dislikes and interests which are often similar. This is true for all young people. All young people also at some point would like to know about sex and relationships.


Often what you know about sex is from home, or from friends, the TV or internet, as well as from school. It doesn’t just happen when you’re young – throughout your life you continue to learn about love, relationships, sexual health and wellbeing.This leaflet is for disabled young people. It has information that might help you to find answers to some questions you might have about sex and relationships. We hope it is helpful.


There is lots of information and advice available for young people about sex and relationships and all things related to them. We have listed some ways of getting more help throughout this leaflet so you can get more information if you want it.




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