Gaining Control of Your Life After Having A Baby: A Self-Help Workbook

Gaining Control of Your Life After Having A Baby: A Self-Help Workbook

This book is for women who have mild to moderate depression before or after having their baby, or if they are recovering from an
episode of severe depression associated with pregnancy. It could also be useful if you are supporting someone with depression.

This workbook is different from other books you may have read. Gaining Control of your Life is a practical guide and will tell you about a number of skills to manage your moods. The programme is designed to build your knowledge and confidence step by step to help you work steadily towards your goals. The techniques in this workbook come from “cognitive behavioural therapy”. This is a type of therapy used by psychologists and others to help people manage all sorts of problems. The “cognitive” part deals with how you think, and how this can affect your moods. The “behaviour” part deals with how you can manage your moods by changing what you do.



Part 1 About this book
Part 2 Understanding post-natal depression
Part 3 Setting goals
Part 4 Self monitoring
Part 5 Changing the way you behave
Part 6 Changing the way you think
Watch out for your rule book
Part 7 More helpful techniques
Part 8 Bad days, setbacks and relapse

Part 9 Useful information
Part 10 Tips for managing post-natal depression
Part 11 Six months on
Part 12 Further reading and helpful agencies