Bringing Care Back Home: Evaluating the New Care Models for Child Mental Health

The NHS England New Care Models (NCM) Programme aims to improve outcomes for people in acute care. Six NCM Pilot Sites have focused on children and young people who are being treated for their mental health out-of-area, often long distances from home. Their aim is to prevent children from having to travel long distances to hospital by providing the necessary care and support locally. ‘Our aim is that every child in our area receives the best mental health treatment close to home, where loved ones, practitioners and physicians are right there with them, keeping them on their road to recovery.’ (Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust).


This economic evaluation describes the quantitative changes which have been observed in these six pilot sites, including changes in out-of-area bed use, length of stay and distance from home. It focuses on the financial impactof investing in new, community-based services which offer treatment locally in place of out-of-area beds. By investing in local services, each of the sites has achieved reductions in overall spending at the same time as a significant expansion ofcommunity-based care with comprehensive offers of 24 hour availability of highly skilled teams and innovative models of support.


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