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UK Government Gives Regulators Power to Register Student Social Workers.

Under new proposals, the Social Work regulatory body have the ability to temporarily register a person in what it describes as emergencies involving human loss of life or human illnesses.

This allows registration authorities the power to register people if the regulator considers that the person is a "fit, proper and suitably experienced person to be registered" as a social worker with regard to the emergency.

It has also the discretion in relation to a group of persons, if the regulator considers that the group is comprised of persons who are of a type who may reasonably be considered fit, proper and suitably experienced persons to be registered as social workers with regard to the measures set out in the Coronavirus Bill.

It is envisaged that this may give the registration bodies the ability to register, for a limited time some Student Social Workers and possibly Social Care staff in England, Wales and Scotland at a time when demand for Social Workers in the Adult Social Care sector is set to increase.

It is unclear what the registration bodies are to do at this time

The full text of the Bill is available here.


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