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5 Reasons For Social Workers To Feel Positive After Covid-19

Steve Clarke examines why there are reasons to fell positive about Social Work after Covid-19.

Although times are challenging right now this crisis can’t last forever. The only certainty in life is change, and it may be for the better. Although it’s too soon to talk seriously about the end of this crisis, here are four reasons why things just might improve in our profession:

There’s a palpable sense of unity in the air

Even though people are being kept apart, our communities have been coming together in this time of need. Coronavirus has been a perfect antidote to Brexit in our society, with hundreds of thousands giving their time for the NHS volunteer army.

It would have been difficult to imagine people standing on their balconies applauding 6 months ago.

With this unity comes the belief that we are all in this together, and that we cannot all be well unless we protect the most vulnerable members of society. This can only be good for those of us working in social services.

Public Services Are Being Taken Seriously

With our prime minister recently discharged from an NHS hospital, singing its praises and lauding the health service in general, public service funding may be taken more seriously after this crisis. There has been a palpable desire to protect the most vulnerable in our society, and that’s where we come in.

Let’s hope the government doesn’t use this crisis as an excuse for further austerity in the years to come, given the large financial bailouts. It might.

Society has identified us as Key Workers

More than hedge fund managers and advertising executives, key workers have kept things going throughout these trying times. Although social workers and care workers haven’t been clapped on the way to work, there is a general recognition that we are essential to the well-being of all.

After putting our necks on the line, we can hold our heads up high after this crisis. When our grandchildren ask us ‘where were you during the 2020 Outbreak’ we will have a proud story to tell.

Things Might Become More Efficient

Society in general has been forced to adapt its working habits with reduced travel and remote working. While there is no substitute for face-to-face contact in many cases (particularly in the case of family visits for example) there may be something we can take away from this crisis in terms of efficiency. Telephone and virtual contact with service users could be appropriate in many cases. Team meetings over Zoom save travel time for everyone. Greater autonomy for practitioners allows them to find their own efficiency savings.

You Will Be Stronger

You have faced great adversity and come out the other side. You found out more about yourself and didn't buckle when things got hard. After Covid-19, things which used to feel difficult to manage will become a breeze by comparison.

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