About Social Work Network

The Social Work Network has been set up to support Social Workers access resources, jobs and keep in touch with what’s going on in the sector. SWN is run by Social Workers who are actively involved in front-line Social Work. By bringing people together, we can discuss the latest developments in social work and care, sharing knowlege and expertise from real life, experienced practitioners.

We want you to use the Social Work Network to enhance your knowledge and skills.

Social Work Network was founded in 2019 by Tristan Johnson as a way of combining the various networks he has been developing since 2016. Tristan is a Social Worker based in the UK and trained Approved Mental Health Professional with over 18 years’ experience of working in Adult Social care and Mental Health settings in both local authority and health settings. Tristan has experience of working in social work outside of the UK and was recently asked to support the introduction of mental health and mental capacity legislation in a non-UK jurisdiction. A keen advocate of law, with particular interest on Human Rights legislation in practice, Tristan consults with local authorities in England and Wales in the context of developing Social Work and Care leadership, provides workshop and legal training in regard to Mental Health, Mental Capacity and Best Interests and The Care Act.

Tristan’s work has been approved by the Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCiE), and he is the author of the multi-award winning DoLSpro assessment support tool. His specialist knowledge of mental health led him to being asked to join the National Mental Capacity Forum (NMCF). He has a vast experience of teaching Social Work and Mental Health at a number of UK universities, most notably the University of Leeds.

Tristan offers managerial consultancy for Health and Local Authority services that helps build their own high-performance winning teams.


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